Cricket vs Football |10 Reasons Why Football is better than Cricket

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Cricket vs Football | 10 Reasons why Football is better than Cricket

Cricket vs Football – Football is the most popular game throughout the world. FIFA estimates that about 270 million people play football and about 3.5 billion football fans all over the world.

Cricket is also a popular game but more popular in certain countries.ICC estimates that about 2.5 billion cricket fans are all over the world.

From the football fans, you can understand that there is something in football that’s why football has more fans than cricket. What’re the reasons that football is better than cricket lets see below- 



Cricket is a complicated game. In Cricket you can see there 2 batsmen who wear heavy things like glaves, chest guard, helmet, Thigh guard, arm guards, and many more. That looks really inconvenient.

But In Football you can see there are none of these things. That looks really simple. Players wear boots, t-shirts, and pants. That’s it. Football is a simple game and cricket is complicated. So That Cricket vs Football in this race, football is better.

Time Factor


Football is a simple game. The game is about 90 minutes long. But sometimes it takes the highest 120-130 minutes. But in Cricket the short form of cricket is T-20.

It takes a minimum of 3 hours. and other versions like ODI takes an average of 6 hours and the Test-taking 4-5 days. What a time-consuming game! People don’t like time-consuming games. Sometimes it makes you feel bored. That’s why football is better than cricket.

Consumption- Cricket vs Football

Cricket is a costly game. Now give a short calculation price of cricket kits. (Amazon)

  • Cricket stumps 1 Set (3 wickets, 2 bails) costs – $20
  • Cricket Balls (Leather)-  costs – $12
  • Cricket Bat costs – $30
  • Cricket Helmet costs -$50
  • Cricket Batting gloves costs- $24
  •  Cricket Batting Pads costs -$70

Besides, there are more kits you have to use for playing Cricket. Look at this if you want to play cricket then you have to spend at least $62.

Football is an inexpensive game. Let’s see some football kits’ prices.

  • Football(Soccer Ball) costs – $12
  • Football Boots costs – $15

So if you want to play football you need only $12 at least. For that reason, people can play it anytime and anywhere. But Cricket is costly and you can’t play it anywhere.

World Wide

Football is played all over the world. Almost 200 nations play football and In the FIFA world cup, almost 32 nations play football. and to get a chance in the FIFA world cup,  countries have to qualify for that.

Cricket is played in certain countries. There are 106 nations playing cricket and only 12 nations play in the ICC world cup and on average the same 12 countries played from 1990 to now.


In Cricket almost all countries wear the same type of jersey. India, Srilanka, Afghanistan, England wear blue jerseys.  Pakistan, Bangladesh, South Africa wear green. If you see the Test then you see all jerseys are the same.

But in football, you can see all countries’ jerseys are different and colorful. Even the worst jersey is more colorful and fascinating than cricket.

The Atmosphere

Cricket stadium Football stadium

The atmosphere of a football stadium can’t be compared with a cricket stadium. you never see football stadiums seats are empty. That is always full and the football stadium has an electric atmosphere all the time. If you go to any football stadium you will enjoy the game and the football fans give you a unique enjoyment and also the atmosphere is always thrilling.

But the atmosphere of the cricket stadium is just absent. In most of the matches of cricket, the stadium is not filled with spectators except for some matches. The longer format match is boring and annoying.

Become Acquainted

Cricket is a complex game. For learning the terms of cricket like batting, bowling, and fielding you have to need almost 6months – 1 year. If you want to master Defensive shot, flick, cut, drive, Yorkers, Left -break, Off break then it will take an average of 2-3 years.

In that way football is simple. If you have decent strength in football then on average you will be a master in 3-5 months.

The Ad Raid

.You don’t see any ads during a Football match. But in Cricket after finishing an over there you will see a 30 second – 2 minutes ad. That’s totally annoying.

Football is a pure 90 minutes game full of excitement. There is no ad and even rain can’t stop the game. But in cricket, a little rain can destroy the whole game and its excitement.

The celebration

After making a goal the different player celebration gives you much enjoyment. You can see Ronaldo’s “si” celebration, Neymar’s “Hang Loose” celebration, Pogba’s “the dab” celebration, etc. All of the goal celebrations are unique and stunning.

But cricket can’t see these. All things are common. But after getting wickets some bowlers have celebrations but it is very few. Like Afridi is a “Raise both hands” celebration.

The boredom

Cricket is a really boring game. If you see the test series, the 5 days match starts from 10 a.m to 5 p.m. Next day same thing. In this way, it continues for 5 days.

Do you have that patience? If that then congratulations. Did you know that Germany banned cricket? There was a long story behind it. But in football, you will never feel that. It is thrilling and enjoyable.

The Pace

 Cricket is a slow-paced game. The takes 3-4 hours to end it. Besides, if the batsman does not hit the ball, then it feels more boring. if he hits then it gets its pace. But it will be more boring if you see a hard team vs a less hard team.

Whereas football is a fast-paced game. You don’t feel boring, moreover, if you see a hard team vs a less hard team, that also doesn’t feel boring.

If you aren’t satisfied with the above answer then this point will be understandable why football is better than Cricket!

  • 1. Cricket is a time-consuming game, whereas football is not.
  • 2. In cricket there is lots of cheating but football doesn’t. Like bowlers use their split to shine the ball so that it will swing more.
  • 3. Football can be played in any weather but cricket won’t.
  • 4. Cricket doesn’t want to board their game.
  • 5. football gives you much thrilling and enjoyment.




From the above discussion, you understand that in Cricket vs Football, Football is better than Cricket.

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