Danny Ings Biography, Age, Height, Career& Net Worth

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Intro English association football player
A.K.A. Daniel William John Ings
Is Athlete Football player Association football player
From United Kingdom
Type Sports
Gender Male
Birth 23 July 1992, Winchester, Winchester, Hampshire, United Kingdom
Age 29 years
Height: 178 cm
Weight: 73 kg


Danny Ings is a talented footballer who is of English origin. He is a forward for Southampton FC and the English National team. In the past, he has played with success across clubs to the next such as Burnley and Liverpool, and has earned his name in the process while doing this.

Although he has accomplished numerous things in his professional life, however, his personal life is not neglected because his personal life is equally impressive. Southhampton person is also a philanthropist that has begun to touch the lives of many people, 

particularly children, with his unique approach to helping society and helping make the world an even better place for children that need attention and affection to live their best lives. 

Biography of Danny Ings

The gifted Forward footballer was born Daniel William John Ings on the 23rd July 1992 at age 28. The birthplace was Winchester, England, to his father, Shayne Ings, and a mother whose name was not disclosed.

Since he was a small kid, Danny Ings was never an enthusiastic student, although he did attend Netley Abbey Primary School for his primary education. Later, after that, he attended Hamble Community Sports College.

As a young boy of 10years old, the marriage between the parents ended due to a divorce. But he continued to stay with his father. He later fell in love with a woman named Sue Cooper, who became his girlfriend. Since the time, she’s become more of a mother figure to the star football player. In addition, the father and Sue have been the most influential influencers in his life.

Danny Ings Early Life

 A father who was a former footballer who played with Netley Central Sports in Hampshire, Danny Ings had a passion for football since he was a young child.

Although the only thing that most of his classmates wanted to do was get to college, his only desire Ings had was playing football. His father was a self-employed bricklayer, which meant that at one point, the family fought extremely hard to take him to football practices.

 Danny Ings had it hard at the beginning of his career due to being too small for play by the youth teams. However, that didn’t keep him from playing for the Netley Central Sports youth team before he went on to play for Southampton and later the AFC Bournemouth youth team.

Danny Ings’s Senior Career Ings

As of 2009, Danny Ings got his professional debut for AFC Bournemouth, for which he played until the end of 2011. Between then and 2011, Ings was as a loan player to Dorchester Town.

Then, in 2011, he relocated to Burnley, where he was playing until 2015 when he got signed by Liverpool. At Burnley the club, he played in 122 games, scoring 38 goals. He didn’t appear for long with Liverpool before being sent on loan to Southampton in 2018. The following year, it was converted into a permanent agreement.

While he has won a few personal accolades like those of the PFA Player of the Year (2013-14 Championship) and Southampton Fans Players of the Season (2019-20), Danny Ings has not yet won anything at one of his teams. He was near winning the UEFA Champions League with Liverpool in 2018 when Liverpool finished as a second-placed team.

To play for The England National team received his first invitation to the England U21 team in 2013.  He was only able to play in the senior England team in three matches with a goal scored since 2015. In 2015, he was given his first team call.

Danny Ings ‘ Net Worth & Salary

Danny has made an excellent name for himself, coming from a complex background to become a renowned brand in English football. He has an estimated net worth of $3 million earned through signed agreements with different clubs he played for throughout his career.

He currently earns a salary per week of 75,000 PS at Southhampton, and his annual income is around PS3,900,000.

Danny Ings has a Great Height.

Even though he was tiny as a young man growing into his twenties, the footballer is an impressively tall man with the size of five feet 10.5 inches (180cm). He also has an impressive bodyweight that is 11th 7lbs (73kg).

Amazing Facts You Didn’t know about Danny Ings.

  •  Danny Ings has a charity foundation.

Danny has an organization that began in November of 2014. The organization is dedicated to providing sports coaching for children who have disabilities. It is known as The Danny Ings Disability Sport Project. The idea behind the project is to offer to coach kids who are disabled and have learning disabilities to make their lives enjoyable and easier for the children.

  • He was tested positive for COVID-19.

Recently, the striker discovered he was infected with the novel coronavirus. He was forced to leave his team and train for over a week to monitor self-isolation and take care of himself. He returned to the pith stronger and stronger and is now able to carry on his job. He was fortunate that he was the only person with the virus in his group at the time.

  • Ings might turn into a builder following his football career.

According to the article, the player’s father was an engineer like many members of his family. Due to this, he would follow his father to work as 13 years old, which gave him a degree of experience in the field. Due to this, he is now considering whether the possibility exists that he could be back in the building industry after he’s done with his career as a footballer.



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