Edinson Cavani Childhood Story, Career & Untold Biography Facts

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Quick Facts

Full Name: Edinson Cavani
Birthday: February 14, 1987
Nationality: Uruguayan
Full Name: dinson Roberto Cavani Gomez
Net Worth: $40 million
Profession: football player
Sibling: Walter Guglielmone ,  Christian Cavani
Father: Luis Cavani
Mother: Berta Gomez


Edinson Cavani Biography

Uruguayan professional footballer Edinson Cavani plays for both his national team and the ‘Ligue 1 club ‘Paris Saint-Germain (PSG). He is known as a “modern striker” and plays in the center-forward position. However, he can also play as a support striker or winger.

He was born and raised in Salto in Uruguay. His first major career success came in 2007’s ‘South American Youth Championship,’ at 20. This event put him at the forefront of Uruguayan football’s emerging talent. He signed a five-year contract with Napoli in Italy in 2010. In the 2011-2012 season, his team won the Coppa Italia.

Edinson was a great player for the Italian club, scoring more than 100 goals during his three-year tenure. He was purchased by the French club ‘PSG’ in 2013, which became the most expensive deal ever made in French football history.  He was part of the Uruguayan national team that won the 2011 ‘Copa America tournament.

Edinson Cavani Childhood and Early Life

Edinson Cavani was the youngest of three children born to Luis Cavani (Salto, Uruguay) and Berta Gomez (Salto, Uruguay). He was the youngest child of his three siblings. Sometimes, the family had to struggle to provide food for every dinner.

Edinson grew up with a passion for football, and his father, who was a former player, gave him essential tips. Edinson developed a passion for football and became a skilled “street player” by 10. His older brothers also made their football careers.

Edinson was a massive fan of football. He would play for hours on end, and his parents didn’t pressure him to do anything else. He was playing football with older boys by the age of nine years. Although he was often roughed up, he never stopped playing and became a strong, determined and talented young man.

He began trying to get into the youth football program in his teen years. In his first few months at the youth academy, he succeeded and proved his worthiness.

His father, as well as his older brother, had also played football in their youth. Edinson overcame many obstacles to reach the Danubio youth team in 2006, thanks to both his father and brother.

Edinson Cavani

Cavani Career

Cavani played for Danubio and was selected to the national ‘Under-20s’ team that participated in the 2007 South American Youth Championship. He scored seven goals in nine games. His team reached the semi-finals and qualified for 2017’s ‘Under-20 FIFA World Cup.

Everyone noted Cavani’s performance, and many big South American and European clubs, including ‘Milan and ‘Juventus,’ lined up to purchase him. The Italian football club, ‘Palermo,’ managed to get him on board. Edinson was a 14-goal scorer for the club in the 2008-2009 season and earned the nickname “El Matador.”

The 2009-2010 season saw ‘Palermo perform like champions in the Serie A’ and qualified for the UEFA Champions League. Edinson was offered another contract by ‘Palermo. He was then loaned to Napoli in July 2010, but the contract was still valid until 2014. Cavani was a player for ‘Napoli in Serie A and scored in four of the first four matches. Samuel Eto’o was also the tournament’s lead scorer.

He scored two hat-tricks during January in the UEFA Europa League. He was the top scorer for his team, with 25 goals by the end of the season. He signed a second deal with Napoli in May 2011. This meant that he would remain with the team until 2016.

He scored a hat trick against ‘Milan’ in the 2011-2012 league season. He finished the league season with 23 goals, which earned him third place in the top goal-scorers list. He scored a penalty against Juventus in the finals at the ‘Coppa Italia 2012’, which secured a win for his side.

He scored four goals against Roma in the 2012-2013 season. Although ‘Roma were the reigning champions, knocking them out could have meant Napoli would win the tournament. However, that didn’t happen. Edinson was, however, the top scorer with 29 goals.

Rumors circulated that Edinson would leave ‘Napoli’ at the end of the 2012-2013 season. Many European teams were interested in acquiring him. Edinson said that he was a better player and man with Napoli and that Napoli would be his first choice.

However, in July 2013, ‘Napoli signed a contract with ‘PSG to transfer Edinson from them for five years. The deal, worth EUR64million, was the sixth-largest in history and most expensive for a French club. Edinson scored two goals in the 2014 ‘Coupe de la Ligue finals against Lyon to win his team. In his first season, he scored 25 goals for ‘PSG’ during his 43 games.

He played brilliantly in 2015 to win another ‘Coupe de la Ligue’ final. He was able to assist his team in winning the ‘Ligue 1 finals’ and the Coupe de France finals. This allowed ‘PSG’ to win all three tournaments for a second year.

He scored 14 goals in 14 matches during the 2016-17 ‘Ligue’ campaign. In the ‘UEFA Champions League,’ he scored eight goals for his club in his eight matches. He was the ‘Ligue 1 Player Of The Year’ in April 2017.

In 2008, Edinson made his Uruguayan national debut. He scored his first international hat trick in October 2010 against Indonesia. He won the 2011 Copa America title, making Uruguay the champions for a 15th consecutive year.

His team reached the 2013 FIFA Confederations Cup semi-finals. He scored ten goals and was the leading scorer at the 2018 FIFA World Cup Qualification (CONMEBOL).


Edinson Cavani Personal Life

Edinson Cavani married Maria Soledad, his childhood girlfriend. They had two sons together. Edinson often took both of his sons with him to victory celebrations.

Edinson, however, made it clear that things weren’t going well between them in 2014 and split up soon afterward. Later, It revealed that Edinson had an affair with Maria Rosaria. After the separation, it initiated divorce proceedings. His wife won the court battle and was awarded alimony of EUR25 000 per month.

After a bitter divorce, Edinson started a new relationship with Jocelyn Burgardt from Uruguay, a model, and dancer.

Edinson enjoys hunting in his spare time.

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