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Amritsar is a wonderful city. It is primarily a  religious city. The city is mainly famous for three things. They are – The Golden temple, the best food items, and the Wagah border.

In the city, you will find homely vibes that make you feel like you are at home. That’s why you can’t forget the beautiful memories you left here.

Best Time to go to Amritsar

Amritsar is a beautiful state and you can visit this place anytime. But the most suitable time for visiting is  October to November.

Because at this time you can perfectly visit every place without any problem. But in summer the place is too hot and in the winter there is too much cold.

Places to Visit Amritsar

 In Amritsar, there are lots of tremendous places you can visit. But if you want to finish the whole area then you need a minimum of one week. Let’s dive into the best places of Amritsar.

Golden Temple

Golden Temple

Golden Temple Amritsar India is the holiest central religious place for Sikhs. The golden temple is also a symbol of human brotherhood and equality. The golden temple is also known as a darbar sahib. There is a large pool that surrounds the temple, it looks adorable. 

From history, we found that the temple was destroyed many times and after that the Sikh community rebuilt it. The temple was primarily built with marble and copper. A few years later it was coated with gold, approximately 400kg gold.

 There are some rules to enter the temple. They are you have to remove your shoes and warp or cover your heads with a cloth. The temple is always crowded. But if you want to visit freely then you have to get up early in the morning like 4 AM or 5 AM.

Gobindgarh Fort

Gobindgarh Fort

The Gobindgarh Fort is situated on the right side in the center of Amritsar. It is a historical museum that shows the history of Punjabi culture. There you will find live music and a light show.

At night the fort will make your eyes fascinate. There are many museums around the fort and every museum will show the Punjabi attire, household items, weapons that Punjabis used during the war. Two shows happen every night. 

The fort opens at 10 AM and ends at 10 PM. The entry fees vary for different Musume. The price starts from $2.68 ( Indian Rupees at 199).

Jallianwala Bagh

Jallianwala Bagh

When you enter the  Jallianwala Bagh, you will feel sad. Because a bad event occurred. That is Massacre. The Jallianwala Bagh is also called the Massacre of Amritsar. 

On 13 April 1939 British troops fired on Indian unarmed people in Jallianwala Bagh in peaceful protest. Thousands of people were killed and wounded more than that. It was the turning point of Indian history. 

As a result, the relationship between the British is getting perished and at last, it got independence from Britain. This story you can read in the museum with more deep heart touching. After the Massacre, the government built a memorial so people can remember the day on 13th April 1919.

It opens at 6.30 Am and closes at 7.30 pm. The entry fee is fully free.

Durgiana Temple

Durgiana Temple

Durgiana Mandir is an important pilgrimage for Hindus, it is situated in north Amritsar city. It is a Hindu mandir but it has similarities to the golden temple. The mandir is near the railway station.

The temple is really beautiful, you can see the gold dome and carved silver doors. For the silver doors, the temple is also called the Silver temple.

Durgiana Temple is open daily, It opens early in the morning and closes at 6 Pm. The charge of the temple is free. A good time to visit is just before sunset.

Wagah-Attari Border

Wagah-Attari Border


The Wagah- Attari Border is the outpost on the Indian and Pakistan border. The Wagah is a little far from Amritsar, it is about 28 km far from it and it takes 30-35 minutes to reach there.

The Wagah Border ceremony is held every day from 4 Pm to 5 Pm.  It is the main attraction of tourists. People come from different places to see this.

Every day before sunset the Indian and Pakistani soldiers meet at the border and show intimacy and showmanship to each other. At the end of the ceremony, both countries close the gates and lower their flags.

From Jalianwala Bagh to reach Wagah border you can easily find transport. But the main transport is a cab. In-cab you will charge $ 8.74 (Indian Rupee Rs. 650)

If you want to get a VIP seat then you have to come early in the morning and also give your ID proof.

The entry fee is fully free. Try to avoid visiting during the holidays or weekends because thousands of people come to see this and it will become a fully crowded place.

Sadda Pind

Sada pind is spread across 12 acres of land. It is mainly a Punjabi village and shows the true sight of Punjabi culture. Here you can find the authentic culture of Punjab,

delicious food, and dynamic colors of Punjab tradition. It’s a marvelous place and you don’t want to miss it.

Maharaja Ranjit Singh Museum

The museum is situated in the Ram Bagh Garden in Amritsar. It is one of the outstanding museums in Punjab and also the main tourist attraction. 

The museum shows tribute to the Indian soldiers and also explains the importance of the role of defense. 

The museum is dedicated to the Sikh empire and in the museum, you can see different kinds of paintings, 3D art, and sculptures.

Food to Eat/Restaurants

There are lots of restaurants in Amritsar. We can not list all foods. But we will try the best ones.

Guru ka Langar

Guru ka Langar

This place is in the Golden temple. The food served here is finger-licking and is also free of cost. You can get Chole with kulcha, Aloo bhatura, poori, naan, and many more. The taste of chole is good and gives a better taste with jeera rice.

Kulcha Land

Kulcha Land

The Kulcha Land is in Amritsar. It is one of the best food places to eat. In Kulcha you will find chole, naan with butter, daal and many more.

Kesar Da Dhaba

Kesar Da Dhaba

This Dhaba is now 100 years old and it also keeps it traditional till now. The most popular items are Lassi and Finni. Others items are also popular. They are Rajma Masala,  Aloo Stuffed Paratha, Chana Fry, Aam Papad.

The average cost starts from $3.00 ( Indian Rupee Rs. 215).

Kava Grill and Lounge

Kava Grill and Lounge

Kava Grill is on the right side of Fairfield. Here you can find different kinds of spice foods. The foods are mouthwatering and very tasty. Moreover, it is a traditional international restaurant. As a result, you will find Chinese, Italian, North Indian.


Amritsar is a wonderful city. It is a holy city and it is rich in its history and culture. The food is very delicious, so don’t miss it.  Visit all the towns if possible. The places will give you a lot of memories and fresh your mind from stress. Hope you enjoy the place.

Best Of Luck.


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