Ruben Dias biography, age, height, family, and net worth

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Quick Facts

Short Profile
First Name Ruben
Last Name Dias
Profession Soccer Player
Age 22 years old
Birth Date May 14, 1997
Birth Place Amadora, Portugal
Country Portugal

Ruben Dias, a professional footballer, is currently playing as a defensive player for Manchester City Football Club and Portugal National Team. The past two seasons have seen a significant increase in the number of goals scored. Ruben Dias has been a promising defender in the football game.

After impressing with his boyhood football club, Dias was a graduate of Benfica’s academy. Dias enjoyed a successful youth career, winning many individual and collective awards, including the Primera Liga title for 2018-19. In his four-season spell with Benfica, Dias played 137 matches. After the 2019-20 season, he was named Primeira Liga Team Of The Year.

Dias is a Portugal national team player since 2018. He represented Portugal in the 2018-19 UEFA Nations League.

Dias was transferred to Manchester City, Beginning with the 2020-21 season of the Premier League He has been a great player for the Citizens in his first season and has scored one goal in 31 games in all competitions.

Ruben Dias Early Life

We will be sharing the fascinating facts about Ruben Dias in this section of our Ruben Dias biography article.

Ruben Dias childhood

See his family history to find out where he started as an amateur footballer.

Ruben Dias’s birth date is 14 May 1997. It’s interesting to note that he shares his birthday with Paris Saint Germaine’s defender.

Ruben Dias nationality

Portuguese. He was born in Amadora (Portugal). His parents were avid football fans and supported Benfica well before he was born.

Ruben Dias’s parents supported him during his early footballing years. When he was nine years old, Dias began playing amateur football when one of his best friends took him to Estela, their local club.

Dias was a star right from the beginning of his football career. His passion for football, and evident talent, convinced his parents to enroll him in a trial at Benfica’s youth academy. Dias was able to pass the trial easily.

An interesting fact about Ruben’s amateur career is that he began at Benfica’s academy in the striker position and moved to the midfield, then to the defense as his coaches believed he would be a better defender due to his physicality and height.

Since his early days, Dias has had remarkable leadership ability. Dias was a member of Benfica’s academy and held every rank. He has also demonstrated leadership ability in his professional life.

Dias enjoyed a successful youth career at Benfica. He reached the finals of the 2016 Uefa Youth Championship and was selected to the tournament’s team. He was also a member of Portugal’s U19 team, and he won the 2016 UEFA European Under-19 Championship.

Dias was promoted to Benfica senior side in 2016. This marked the beginning of his professional career, at the age of 18

Ruben Dias Profile

We will be focusing on Ruben’s profile, which includes his style and goal celebration, as well as the reactions he received from fans, media, and colleagues.

Benfica is where he began his professional career.

Ruben Dias’s professional journey began in 2016 when he was promoted as Benfica senior side manager. Rui Vitoria, Benfica’s manager in 2016, called Dias to discuss Benfica’s senior side.

Champions League

Round of 16 against Zenit because three of the four team’s regular center-backs could not participate. Dias was not named to the Benfica team for the game and had to wait until September 2017 to make his professional debut with Benfica’s senior team.

Along with Joao Felix, Luka Jovic, and other great talents, Dias helped Benfica B achieve the fourth spot in the 2016-17 LgaPro. This was the highest-ranking team in history.

Dias made his professional debut at the beginning of the next season in a Primera Liga match against Boavista. Dias performed at a high standard and played in two Champions League matches against Manchester United despite his youth.

His fine form was interrupted temporarily by an injury that left him sidelined for over a month. In a Primera Liga 5-1 victory against Rio Ave, Dias scored his first goal for Benfica’s senior team.

Dias was the best young player in Primeira Liga 2018-19, having played 54 games. He scored four times for Benfica.

He also won the Primera Liga title and the Supertaca Candido de Oliveira award, which were his most outstanding collective achievements at the club level.

Many big clubs saw Dias as a target during the 2019 summer transfer window. The most notable of these were Manchester United and Liverpool. Ruben signed a new contract that would keep him at Benfica until 2022, after much speculation.

Dias, who played his 100th match for Benfica in November 2019, scored the first goal of a 2-0 win at home.

Rio Ave

In Benfica’s next match, a 4-0 win over Portimonense, Dias scored again. Dias performed admirably in his last season at Benfica, scoring three goals and three assists across 54 games in all competitions.

Dias scored the first goal against Moreirense on 26 September 2020 in a 2-0 victory. After the match, Dias was told by Benfica’s manager that it was his last match for the boyhood club. He will now join Manchester City.

Dias played in 137 games for Benfica. He scored 12 goals and assisted six times.

Manchester City’s Premier League Adventure

announced in summer 2020 that Dias had signed a 6-year contract with Manchester City to participate in the Olympics.

Premier League

 In the 1-1 draw against Leeds United, he made his debut for the Citizens. He continued his excellent start at his club and became a first-team player for Pep Guardiola during the first half.

Ruben Dias

Portugal senior and youth national teams

Dias was the first international player to be called up to the Portugal U16 team in 2012. Dias played five games with the team before being called up to the Portugal U16 side in 2012. Dias played 18 games with Portugal’s U17 team in 2013. He continued his fine form in 2014 with 21 games for Portugal’s U19 team and 15 for the U20 side.

Dias was the captain of the under-19s in the 2016 European Championships and the under-20s in the 2017 World Cup. On 5 September 2017, he made his debut in Portugal’s U21 team. He played only four games as he was called to play for the senior team in May 2018.

Dias made his international debut in a friendly against Tunisia for Portugal’s senior team. Although he was part of Portugal’s final 2018 World Cup squad, he did not play in four matches. Ruben Dias, who has yet to score his first goal for Portugal’s national team, had played 22 games as of February 2021.

Style of Play

Ruben Dias is most well-known for his leadership abilities and ability to help his team transition from defense to attack quickly. Because he can move the ball with his feet, his playing style is perfect for any team that plays possession. Dias’s last season was the best because he completed more accurate passes than any other player.

His passing abilities are evident in his work.

Dias’ success rate in passing was above 81% in Liga Nos, and 86% in Europa League and Champions League. Dias is also adept at identifying teammates far away with his precise long ball passes.

Dias, who stands 6′ 2 inches tall, is an aerialist and can win many duels for his team. His greatest weakness is his inability to move fast enough to be vulnerable against speedy strikers.

Dias has said that he enjoys his position on the pitch and doesn’t mind the challenging job of being a defensive defender.

“I’m a defender. I am there to defend. Today, defenders need to do more. While my focus has been to improve and do more, I have never lost sight of I am a defender.

“If it’s not me, who will defend? It makes me happy to make the opposing team feel powerless.”

Goal celebration

Every player should celebrate their goal celebration. While some footballers may change their goal celebrations now and again, others have a consistent goal celebration.

It is a common rule that footballers use the opportunity to celebrate goals to send important messages. Some people use it to make fun gestures. Some people celebrate their goals by sending messages to loved ones. Others send messages to their friends and family. And then some celebrate their achievements by sending political and societal messages to society.

Ruben Dias doesn’t have a special celebration. He has celebrated his goals in different ways. He did have one memorable goal celebration at Benfica. It was when he made an ‘A-shaped’ shape with his fingers. This was probably in tribute to April Ivy, his girlfriend.


Ruben Dias Personal Life.

Ruben Dias biography

This section is about Ruben Dias’s personal life. This section will give you a glimpse at the Ruben Dias family, including his love life and children. You will also find information on his legal and philanthropic activities.

Families, children, and relationships

Ruben Dias was conceived on 14 May 1997 by a middle-class, football-loving family.

Ruben is the third child in his family. His older brother, Ivan, is a professional footballer and plays as a center-back for Clube Oriental Lisboa (third tier in Portugal). Beatrix and Carolina are his two older sisters.

Ruben Dias was in a relationship with April Ivy, a pop singer and songwriter. April Ivy, like Dias, has had a successful career in her chosen field. With her single “Be OK,” she recently reached number one on the Portuguese iTunes charts. Her debut album is called “game of love,” Her real name is Marianna Goncalves. She uses April Ivy as her stage name. They first met in 2018 when Ruben was at his best for Benfica, and April was viral.

 The couple shares two common interests: fame and music. Ruben shared a photo on his Instagram of the defender playing guitar while his girlfriend sang. They have yet to have children together.

Ruben Dias Career Statistics

This section will examine Ruben Dias’ career statistics, both at the club and international levels.


Ruben Dias played 234 games overall for two clubs (Benfica, Manchester City). His career has been quite successful. He has scored 12 goals and dished out 8 assists.

In 137 games, Dias scored 12 goals and six assists for Benfica. So far, he has not scored any goals for Manchester City in 31 games.

Ruben Dias’ best season was 2017-18, in which he scored four goals in all competitions and assisted three more in 30 games for Benfica.


Ruben Dias’ international career statistics show that he played 22 games for the Portugal National team. He was also part of Portugal’s U16, U17, and U18 teams U21

Teams. Spain’s youth teams scored three goals in 63 matches.

Ruben Dias Honors

Please take a look at his achievements and honors.

Ruben Dias won the Primera Liga title in 2018-19 with Benfica, his first major trophy. 

Ruben Dias won 4 awards during his career. The most notable of these are: Primeira Liga: 2018-19; Supertaca Candido De Oliveira 2019; UEFA Youth League runner up: 2016-17; Cosme Damiao Awards – Revelation of 2017; Primeira Liga Best Young Player: 2017-18; Primeira Liga Team Of the Year, 2019-20 and the UEFA Nations League, 2018-19.

Ruben Dias won the 2019 Supertaca Candido de Oliveira title together with Benfica. This was his last collective accomplishment.


Ruben Dias’ Net worth

Ruben Dias, a Portuguese defender has made quite a lot of his short playing career.

The exact amount of his net worth is still unknown. His net worth has been estimated at around $1.5 million.$ 1 Million.

His market value is currently estimated at around $1.8 billion as of 2018.PS12.6 Million.


We hope that you enjoyed Ruben Dias Biography.


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