Tyrone Mings biography, age, height, family, and net worth

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Quick Facts

Full Name:
Tyrone Deon Mings
Date of Birth:
13 March 1993
Place of Birth:
Bath, England
6 ft 5 in (1.96 m)
80 kg
Marital Status:
Current Team:
Aston Villa
Jersey Number:

You will find almost every detail about Tyrone Mings’s life and career.

Tyrone Mings (born March 13, 1993) is an English professional footballer who plays as a center-back for Premier League club Aston Villa and the England national team.

The top facts about Tyrone Mings include details about his childhood, upbringing, family, parents. We will be describing the life of Tyrolicious, an English professional footballer. 

Yes, most fans first became acquainted with him during his England debut, which was reportedly overshadowed by racist chants from Bulgarian fans. Only a handful of people know the fascinating life story of Tyrone Mings.

Tyrone Mings Family History and Early Life

Tyrone Deon Mings was conceived in Bath, the United Kingdom, on March 13, 1993, to his father, Adrian, AKA Adie Mings.

His parents, who are from many different backgrounds, raised him as the sole son of his three sisters. Tyrone Mings, on his paternal side, traces his ancestors back through Barbados to his paternal side.

This is an isolated nation in the Caribbean region, North America. Imagine if I told you that Rihanna, the famous singer, was also born in this country! The nation was established as an English colony in the sugar colonies of Africa around 1807.

This means that Barbados’ nearly all-black settlers (including Tyrone Ming’s grandparents) are almost entirely African. Tyron Mings grew up in a problematic home with his three sisters and mother.

He witnessed his father and mother’s relationship fall apart as he was a child. His mother then kidnapped him, his sister, and one of his brothers.

Top facts about Tyrone Mings

As there was no alternative, they moved in with a friend of his mother’s in Chippenham (England). Mings, his mom, and his sister decided to move out of the house because they couldn’t bear the pain. They had no place else to go and no money for a new home.

The Telegraph asked him about his life and how it was turned around when he and his family moved into a shelter. He also explained his low-income family background and upbringing. Mings, Dawn, his mother, and his three sisters shared two bunk beds in the shelter.

They did not get along with everyone in the shelter. The mother and her four children lived in poverty. Nearly everything was accessible to the public, including the wash area and communal showers.

Tyrone Mings Education and Career Buildup

Mings felt the need to go to school and stay in the shelter to help others search for a better life. When he wasn’t at school, football was his only escape from the troubling realities.

He recognized his potential and realized he could make more money with football because he was better than the other youngsters in the game.

Despite all the difficulties he was experiencing, he knew what he wanted to do: play football to support his family. He began to play football on the local fields to help him get started in his career.

Fans who knew Tyrone Mings’ story about the homeless shelter gave him support and appreciation while playing football.

Tyrone Mings

Tyrone Mings Early Career in Life

Mings’ sisters and mother were thrilled when he was invited by Southampton academy to participate in football trials. Mings was eight years old when he was admitted to the academy in 2001. He had passed his flying test.

The first time he joined, it was a fun experience for him. Tyrone Mings had to make many sacrifices to rise through the ranks at the academy. There was intense competition for places and the possibility to be ejected from one of England’s most prestigious academies.

The 2009 year was challenging for Tyrone Mings’ family. Saints released Tyrone Mings, a promising defender, in 2009 at the age of 15, blaming a reduction in the academy’s youth budget. This was one of the Top Facts About Tyrone Mings.

He was a victim of a “budget cut” but also of claims by the club that he was too thin or light. Tyrone Mings, the future England international footballer with a 6-foot-5-inch, enormous body, had no idea he’d be released..

Tyrone Mings Personal life

Understanding Tyrone Ming’s private life and how it relates to football will give you a better understanding of his personality.

Mings is tough but intuitive and dreamy in his quest for greatness. To maintain his hard-earned muscle and strength, he spends a lot of time at the gym, even when he isn’t playing football.

Mings views himself as a businessman outside of football. Would you believe what I would say? He runs an interior design firm in Bournemouth.

Tyron Ming’s private life reveals that he is selfless and enjoys helping others. The majority with loved ones spends Christmas Day.

Tyrone Mings and his girlfriend are known for volunteering at homeless shelters and giving food and other valuables to those less fortunate. Tyrone Ming’s personal experience is marked by empathy, expressed emotional capacity, and a sense of humor.

Tyrone Mings Family Lifestyle

Many people who are struggling and trying to succeed learned from Tyrone Mings’ family story that “the only way not to feel helpless” is to get up every day and do something.

As of this writing, Tyron Mings’ family has their path to financial freedom thanks to football. Let’s now take a closer look at his relatives.

Tyrone Mings Father

Tyrone wasn’t the only one in his family who played football. Imagine if I told you… Adie Mings was his father’s striker for non-league Bath City.

Tyron Mings’ forgiveness has helped to reconcile father and son. Did you know that father and son work in the same field? One of the Top Facts About Tyrone Mings is Adie Mings, a scout for Chelsea Football Club at the time of writing.

Tyron Mings Mother

Dawn Johnson separated from her husband after a few years. Dawn Johnson chose to adopt her father’s name. Dawn, a strong mother, doesn’t advise her son to be vulnerable so that the wolves can capture him.

Instead, she encouraged him to persevere and supported him in his pursuit of excellence. Dawn and her son, who are currently living the good life at the time of publication, look beautiful.

Tyrone Mings Siblings

Cherrelle Mings and Iesha Mings are Mings’ sisters. Tyrone Mings’ Top Fact is that Mings once stated, “I never really needed friendships growing up because I had my sister,” expressing his gratitude for their support during difficult times.

At the time of writing, Cherrelle Mings (one of his sisters) has been married and is now called Cherrelle Baram.

Tyrone Mings Lifestyle

Understanding Tyrone Ming’s lifestyle will help you understand his way of living.

He doesn’t see himself living an extravagant lifestyle surrounded by mansions and expensive cars, even though he knows that making a lot of money is a good thing.

He drives a car typical of a footballer and suggests a modest lifestyle. Tyrone Mings makes enough money to give back to the community, invest in his company and live comfortably at his favorite resorts.

Tyrone Mings Untold Facts

 These are some lesser-known facts about him. He used to compensate fans who purchased his old shirt. He changed his shirt from No15 in response to Aaron Cresswell moving to West Ham United, 2014

After some of his fans had already purchased his No15 shirts, this action was a bit late. This is one of Tyrone Mings’ Top Facts. He was so kind to purchase new shirts for his fans who ordered shirts with his old number 15.

He once stamped in Zlatan Ibramovovic’s Head.

He was once accused of doing the unimaginable by allegedly stamping Zlatan Ibrahimovic on his cheek. He received a five-game suspension.He was “Zlatan” and felt no pain. He continued playing the game with a vengeance.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic took advantage to exact revenge upon Mings just a few minutes after the game ended. During a corner kick, he was elbowed by the Swedish right. Mings, he explained, had accidentally run into his elbow.

He was given a longer suspension despite the elbow. Stamping is an English FA offense that is more serious.


Tyrone Mings Football School

Tyrone Mings owns a football academy called “Tyrone Mings Academy” in Birmingham, England.

The academy admits children between the ages of 6 and 16. His way of giving back to society is through his work at an academy.


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