Robin Van Persie Biography and Net Worth

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Van Persie Salary & Net Worth

How much did Robin van Persie earn?

Robin van Persie net worth of

50 Million Euros (56 Million Dollars)

van Persie

Van the Man spent most of his time at a club that was very good, but also at the bottom of their game. Arsenal lost their engine and, despite Henry being retained and the acquisition of the Dutch forward, it was never the same. He made an immediate impact at Manchester United, and then returned to Feyenoord where it all started. He was compensated handsomely by his clubs but there were no major sponsorship deals that he would sign. He didn’t even have business interests. He remained focused on the sport and is currently exploring other options.According to estimates, he has a net worth of about 50 million

Current Job

What is van Persie doing now?

For a short time, he tried his hand at punditry. He is only 36 years old and still has plenty of time to decide what he wants to do for a living.

He is now a mentor at Feyenoord where he works closely with Robert Bozenik.

Iconic Moments

Premier League Title 2012/13


From the moment he arrived in England, he had to wait nine years before he could finally enjoy this moment. He was finally able to win the Premier League his first season playing for the Manchester-based club. He scored 30 goals in all competitions for the club and was awarded the league title. After Sir Alex Ferguson’s retirement at the close of the season, his stay in the northwest ended with a bitter ending.

Flying Dutchman


When he tried to do this header, we didn’t understand what was going on in his head. He was running off Ramos’ shoulder and had made a flawless run beating the offside trap. He was able to receive the ball but, instead of trying to control it he dived to hit his head. The ball caught everyone by surprise, even Iker Casillas who was always attentive. The Dutch won this grudge match and made Spain pay. This would be one of our most memorable goals, and it is proof that the attacker was a dangerous predator in the box.

Family – Get to Know Your Family

van Persie Mother – Jose Ras


His mum taught him to accept change and let go. She is a free spirit. You are the artist type. After his parents divorced, he grew up together with his father. He is making up for lost times now.

Van Persie Car – What is he driving?

Nissan Figaro

He gets full marks for being unique.


Porsche Panamera

While he was in Britain, he used to drive a Panamera.


Place – Where is he living?

Location: Goffs Oak, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

This was the house he lived in when he played for Arsenal. It is depressing, and it could have been the reason he moved to Manchester.

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