Why did Cristiano Ronaldo leave Juventus?

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Why did Cristiano Ronaldo leave Juventus? The star’s move to Manchester United explains

Cristiano Ronaldo made the switch to another club just weeks after Lionel Messi. After Manchester United confirmed Ronaldo’s acquisition from Juventus, the two most important players in global football will join new teams within the same transfer window.

The club made the announcement just hours after Massimiliano Allegri, Juventus head coach, revealed that Ronaldo had told him that he wouldn’t be playing again for Juventus. On Friday, the player cleared out his locker before saying goodbye to his teammates and boarding a plane to Portugal.

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The 36-year old Ronaldo, who has one year left on his Juventus contract, will be returning to the club that made him a world-famous player during six seasons between 2003 and 2009. This is a remarkable turn of events considering that Manchester City was thought to be in contention to sign the Portuguese star earlier in the day, but the Red Devils won it. It seemed that he would be finishing his contract at Juventus just one week ago.

Ronaldo left Juventus to what?

Juventus is the favorite to win the Italian league title. The club is also expected to make a strong run in the UEFA Champions League competition. Why would Ronaldo leave one of the most respected clubs in Europe?

Ronaldo has been a great player since his arrival at Juventus, both on and off the pitch. However, it is a good decision for the club and the player.

Ronaldo’s rationale for making a move: Juventus is a club with elite talent but it is clear that they are not as good as Chelsea, Manchester City, and Paris Saint-Germain in the race for the UEFA Champions League. Ronaldo has won five Champions League titles and would be the first player to set an all-time European club championship record with two more. He has 134 goals, which is the most ever scored by any player in the history of the competition.

Ronaldo is passionate about his brand and wants to be remembered as one of the greatest ever. He could shape the story of how he will be remembered if he can spend the next two to three seasons with a team capable of winning the big trophy and beating Messi and PSG. Juventus was not going to allow it.


The Juventus perspective- Ronaldo is a goal-scoring machine. He was the top scorer last season in Serie A (29 goals). Juventus won all three domestic titles while Ronaldo was at the club with his 101 goals in 134 matches. Turin’s side did not spend $120 million on Ronaldo to win in Italy in 2018.

Bianconeri hoped Ronaldo would lift them from the rut and help them win their first UEFA Champions League title. It hasn’t happened. Juventus was knocked out in the knockout rounds in all three of his seasons. He never made it to the semifinals. According to reports, Ronaldo was particularly upset by the March Round of 16 elimination at Porto. He’s now on his way out six months later.

There are also considerations off-field. It makes financial sense to move on, considering the revenue challenges posed by the COVID-19 epidemic and Ronaldo’s $100M-a year cost the club between Ronaldo’s salary, amortization for his transfer fees, and the fact that Ronaldo has a COVID-19-related disease.

Juventus’ 2018 acquisition of Ronaldo was a significant step in elevating the brand. The club now has a greater international profile and doubles its social following. Ronaldo also allowed for significant revenue and partnership increases. The pandemic impacted the club’s financial outlook. On the field, however, Juventus is rebuilding and becoming younger. All parties were happy with the timing of a Ronaldo transfer.



Ronaldo joins Manchester United

Before Euro 2021, there were signs that a summer move was possible. At that time, reports started to surface about Juventus transferring Ronaldo in order to balance the budgets. There were images of moving trucks taking Ronaldo’s cars from Turin and an Instagram post that felt like a farewell to Juve fans and Italy.

New rumors emerged about potential interest from Real Madrid, Paris Saint-Germain, and others depending on the outcome of the possible transfer of French star Kylian Maappe. 

The drama seemed to have ended when the head coach of Juventus and the brass of the club indicated that Ronaldo was staying. Allegri, Juve’s head coach, said that Ronaldo had told him that he would be staying. Allegri said that then, “the transfer market occurred.” “The situation has changed, and we must accept it.”

Harry Kane, the No. 1 forward target, chose to remain at Tottenham Hotspur this season. Man City was linked to Ronaldo as a possible replacement for Kane in the central forward role. Pep Guardiola’s reigning English champions have been known to operate without a true central striker. A host of attackers filled the position last season, while midfielders took over the goal-scoring duties. Ronaldo would have been a great fit given the amount of scoring opportunities Manchester City has. Man City, which was a Champions League finalist 2021, is eager to win its first European title. The ambitions would have been in sync.

It’s not something that Manchester United fans would approve of, so the club came up with a plan to bring Ronaldo back to Old Trafford. Ronaldo was a Manchester United legend and a star worldwide during his six seasons with the club. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, a former teammate and current Man United head coaching coach, spoke briefly about his club’s interest before the official confirmation.

Solskjaer said on Aug. 27, in response to the news that Ronaldo would be leaving Juventus, “He is a legend at this club, the greatest player ever,” He knows our feelings about him. He knows that we are here, even if he were to leave Juventus.

Red Devils were there. With a $33million transfer fee to add Ronaldo, the Red Devils were there. This was to add Ronaldo to a team with a stellar attack, including Paul Pogba and Bruno Fernandes, Edinson Carvani, Mason Greenwood, Edinson Cavani, Marcus Rashford, Edinson Casey, Edinson Cavani, and Edinson Cavani. Juventus will be satisfied with the $33 million transfer fee. They had reportedly hoped for $35 million to avoid losing money on the Ronaldo operation. It’s a good deal for Ronaldo, who is soon to be 37 years old and was in his final year of his contract. Juventus gets the lucrative contract.

This could be the end of Ronaldo’s European career. The Red Devils have Ronaldo as their star and are now in contention to win the Champions League trophy for the first time since 2008. Their Champions League final was in May 2009. This was Ronaldo’s last season at Manchester United before his transfer to Real Madrid.

It is not yet clear if Ronaldo will join the Manchester United squad for the August 29 match against Wolves. This is Matchday 3 in the English Premier League season. Ronaldo would be more likely to wait until after the September international break before making his debut against Newcastle at Old Trafford on September 11.

Although United fans may be content to be reminded about more successful times, it is difficult to see how Ronaldo will bring them closer to a serious title challenge. This is more of a whimsical signing, which fits the pattern for short-term crowd-pleasing since Alex Ferguson retired eight years ago.

United has learned nothing and seems doomed to continue living in the shadows of their past glory.

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