Xabi Alonso Biography, Career Info, Records & Achievements

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Quick Facts

Full Name Xabi Alonso
Occupation Soccer Player
Age 39
Date of Birth November 25, 1981
Place of Birth Tolosa, Spain
Country Spain
Gender Male

Xabi Alonso has a rich professional history and is a favorite of almost every football fan. We have compiled a biography of Xabi Alonso.

There are many players from the golden generation of Spanish football who are loved by many football fans around the world. Xabi Alonso is one of these great players. Alonso is a friendly guy and was a constant attraction on the pitch. Real Madrid fans have never hated him.

Xabi Alonso won almost all of the essential trophies in his long career. He was a key player in the Spain 2010 World Cup-winning team and made the most memorable memories for all four clubs he played. He is a famous and great player.

You will experience something extraordinary and unique. Keep reading to learn more about Xabi Alonso’s life story.

Everything You Need To Know About Xabi Alonso Bio

Spanish. He was the son of a football-loving family. At youth level, he played with Mikel Arteta, his best friend. However, their paths diverged. His professional career began at Real Sociedad, where his father played and made history. After his success at Sociedad, the Argentinean made his mark at Liverpool.

He was a key player at Real Madrid and Bayern Munich and was admired for his talents. His personality was loved by many, including teammates and coaches. Below is a Xabi Alonso bio. We have gathered exciting information about him. Keep checking back.

xabi alonso biography

Xabi Alonso Early life

Xabi Alonso was a Spaniard born in North Spain. His birthplace is located in Tolosa in Gipuzkoa. This is one of three Basque Country provinces. Periko Alonso was Xabi’s father and a three-time La Liga champion. He also played for the national team. The first six years of

Xabi Alonso childhood

The rest of his time was spent in Barcelona, and then he moved to San Sebastian (Donostia). Alonso met Mikel Arteta in Basque Country. Their father often brought Xabi and Mikel to CE Sabadell’s training ground.

Xabi recalls those days as follows: “They would train in one goal on Saturday mornings, and they’d kick balls at the other end.” When I was five- or six years old, this was something I noticed was unusual. Other kids could not do it.

As we grew older, I found it enjoyable to watch him pass the ball, and we practiced a lot. That’s how we became midfielders. He realized that we both enjoyed football as we grew older, but he never told us what to do. He never put pressure on me.”

Xabi Alonso, 15, went to Kells in County Meath to study English.


Profile of Xabi Alonso

Xabi Alonso began his career in Real Sociedad B in 1999. At 18, he was impressed enough to move through the Real Sociedad youth academy and make his debut on the Real Sociedad B team.

He made his first competitive Real Sociedad match in December 1999 against Logrones in Copa del Rey. Coach Javier Clemente sent him on a Segunda Division trip to Eibar at the start of the 2000-01 season to gain some experience. This was a move that Xabi’s father believed would help him.

2001 was a particular year.

Xabi Alonso life story

Xabi established his career. Real Sociedad was at the bottom of the league in winter. John Toshack, their new manager, brought Xabi Alonso back on loan to try and prevent them from being relegated. Toshack appointed the 20-year old Xabi Alonso as team captain.

This was a surprise decision for everyone since more senior players had held the previous position. Sociedad finished the season in 14th position in La Liga, having climbed out from the relegation zone. Toshack applauded Alonso and noted that his impact on the team was remarkable, especially considering his experience and age.

La Liga saw the youngster continue to play for his team next season and register his first goals in the competition.

2002-03 was the club’s most successful league season since 1981-82 when they won the championship. Real Sociedad came in second place in the league, two points behind champion Real Madrid. This result set a club record for having the most points ever in La Liga. They were also qualified for the UEFA Champions League, the first time in club history.

Don Balon, a Spanish sports magazine, awarded Alonso the Best Spanish Player Award at the season’s close. Inaki Saez, the Spanish national team’s coach, called Xabi up to La Seleccion after this successful season. In April 2003, Alonso made his international debut against Ecuador in a friendly 4-0 win. Saez complimented his talent, saying he “has a fantastic range inaccurate passing and sees football with extraordinary clarity.”

Xabi Alonso decided to leave his favorite club in 2003-04 and move on. He performed admirably, but his results were not significant. He finally moved to


Through a deal of PS10.7 million, he was able to work under the guidance of Rafael Benitez. In August 2004, he made his Premier League debut. Nearly everyone praised his pitching skills.

Xabi Alonso settled in Liverpool and English football well. The end of his first season at Liverpool was perfect. Xabi Alonso’s team won the UCL Final in Istanbul. They unbelievably pulled off a remarkable comeback after conceding three goals to AC Milan.

Xabi Alonso won his first domestic trophy the following season when West Ham United awarded him the FA Cup winner’s Medal after a penalty shoot-out.

Although Xabi Alonso did not win a trophy during his three-year spell at Liverpool, he gained more experience and became a versatile midfielder. In 2006-07, he also won a silver medal in the UEFA Champions League. However, he lost the final match to AC Milan.


In August 2009, Xabi Alonso made a PS30 million transfer to Spanish giants.

Real Madrid

. Los Blancos tried to sign Xabi as a Sociedad player, but he preferred to join Liverpool.

Alonso was a valued player and was able to secure his spot in the team’s line-up. He also became an integral part of Manuel Pellegrini’s strategies. Real Madrid was third in La Liga with a club record of 96 points. However, they were three points behind the winners Barcelona.

Alonso helped his team to set a new record for points and finished in second place. This was Alonso’s third career. Xabi had previously experienced similar results with Real Sociedad and Liverpool in 2002-03.

The Copa del Rey trophy was the only trophy won by Xabi Alonso at Santiago Bernabeu in his second season. Xabi won his first league title in 2011-12. Alonso also played his 100th official match for Real Madrid during this season.

A trophy similar to the one he won in his first season at Liverpool was presented to him during his last season at Real Madrid. A UEFA Champions League championship. Despite being absent from the final match against Atletico Madrid, Xabi celebrated the title after the dramatic 4-1 win.

Despite having signed a contract extension to 2016, Xabi Alonso quit Real Madrid at the end of 2013-14. He moved to

Bayern Munich

In this area, winning domestic tournaments were more accessible than in his previous clubs. Xabi didn’t win an international trophy with the German giants.

In the match against  Alonso set a new record in Bundesliga history by breaking the game against  With 196 passes, he set the record for most Bundesliga games. Xabi played Shakhtar Donetsk in his 100th Champions League match on 17 February 2015.

Xabi Alonso’s colorful career ended in 2017. He announced via Twitter that he would be retiring from the game after the 2016-17 season.

Alonso and Bayern captain Philipp Lahm fought their last professional match against Freiburg on 20 May 2017. He assisted Arjen Robben’s opening goal. This was his 79th match as a Bayern Munich shirt-wearing player in the German top flight.

Xabi Alonso started at the international level in April 2003 with a friendly victory over Ecuador. He went on to earn 114 international caps, including those in major tournaments such as the European Championship or FIFA World Cup.

Xabi Alonso is still a football player and has made the transition from manager to player. After completing the UEFA elite coaching course, he began his managerial era with Real Madrid U 14. Alonso was appointed manager of Segunda Division B club Real Sociedad B in July 2019.

Style of Play


Xabi Alonso could do both defensive and attacking tasks most effectively. Xabi Alonso was known for his long-range passes. This allowed him to playmaker.

Xabi himself revealed that his father had taught him how to pass accurately in childhood. Xabi Alonso was able to perform well in aerial duels due to his physical attributes and height. Xabi was a skilled set-piece and penalty kick taker and had impressive shots.

He was also capable of playing as a defensive midfielder because of his strength, powerful physique, tenacity, and aggressive tackling. Additionally, he was tactically astute and was considered to have a good understanding of the game.


 Xabi Alonso is a calm, kind, and relaxed person in all aspects of his life. Xabi Alonso, as a player, was a versatile midfielder, a fact that all football pundits agree with.

Pepe Reina, his former Liverpool teammate, and compatriot, once described him as: “He’s a quiet person and a lovely man; a great teammate.” He is a great player, and I don’t have to talk about him.

Another memorable moment of Xabi Alonso’s was his welcome from Real Madrid players when he met them with Bayern. 


After the Spaniard retirement, Steven Gerrard, Liverpool’s teammate, and captain left an emotional message for Xabi Alonso. It was all about respect and class: “I want you to know that I am pleased about your retirement. A remarkable player and has a beautiful career.

You are the best ball passer I have ever seen and deserve all the praises you receive, mate. This is a remarkable career, both for the country and club. It’s a great honor to be able to present you with a World Cup medal. I also envy your league titles in Germany, Spain, and Germany.

Goal celebration


Xabi Alonso was a calm man, so his goal celebrations showed his personality and spirit. Xabi Alonso has important career goals that include the image of one hand raised to celebrate.

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