What is Xavi Hernandez’s net worth today in 2021?

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Xavi Hernandez Net Worth 2021 – What is Xavi Hernandez’s net worth today in 2021?

Xavi Hernandez’s Net Worth is expected to be very high as he played most of his career in Barcelona before moving to the Middle East, where he made even more. There have been talks about him returning to FC Barcelona as the coach.

Xavi Hernandez Net Worth 2021

Xavi Hernandez has a net worth of only $40 million, which is less than Andres Iniesta, his partner in crime in Barcelona.

 Al-Sadd works as their manager and earns approximately $14 million per season.

It is possible to estimate that Xavi Hernandez’s net wealth is higher than what was assumed by online journals.

Xavi Hernandez Net Worth Forbes

Forbes didn’t directly define his net worth, but other Forbes articles suggested that the ex-Spanish midfielder had an estimated net worth of $40 million. The calculations are not complete, as his Al-Sadd income is already around $40 million.

Xavi Hernandez Net Worth 2021

Xavi Hernandez House: Xavi Hernandez Net Worth

His house isn’t much known as he prefers to keep his lifestyle private. He does have a large and beautiful place in Barcelona. He was seen in a video playing football in his backyard on a summer night.

He owns the second house in Terrassa (Spain).

Xavi Hernandez Car

Xavi Hernandez Hernandez owns a few luxury cars! His Audi, MBW S6, Range Rover, and Ferrari F430 are just a few of the many that merit mentioning. His Audi was not his to purchase, as he is their brand ambassador for the middle east. He was also offered one to drive around. His Ferrari F430 is the fastest car or was at least when he bought it. It could travel close to 200 mph at the top. We don’t believe Xavi Hernandez was impressed.

Xavi Hernandez Salary

Xavi Hernandez earned around $14 million per year in his last days at Barcelona. The man who worked at the club for over 15 years will have at most earned $50 million.

It did not peak at Xavi Hernandez in 2015. Peak Xavi Hernandez was a season that lasted between 2008 and 2013 when he earned reportedly $20 million per year!

Xavi Hernandez Hernandez Endorsements

Adidas has a long-term sponsorship agreement with Xavi Hernandez. Xavi Hernandez was featured in numerous campaigns and ads for Adidas, Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez, and Robin Van Persie. Audi’s Qatar division, where they make the most revenue, is his brand ambassador.

Xavi Hernandez Charity

Xavi Hernandez is a man who gives as much as he makes. He also has his charity program. FIFA also gave him $130,000 as a thank you for being named the FIFA Team of the year in 2011. Xavi Hernandez accepted and was honored, but he donated the winnings to the ICRC for the Red Cross’s physical rehabilitation program in Afghanistan.

“It’s an honor to be part of this team and to be captain,” Xavi Hernandez said at the time. As a representative of European and World football, it’s an honor. In this case, we are helping people who are more vulnerable and who need help.

“It is essential to help. We are fortunate people in society. It’s possible to make it work by following your passion. This is a profession, but it’s also a hobby. It’s a fantastic cause, and it makes me very proud to help others who are in need.

Xavi Hernandez coach

Xavi Hernandez retired recently from football to become the coach of his Qatar club. He is currently the coach of Al-Sadd. Xavi Hernandez is paid a basic salary of $14 million per year, plus incentives and lucrative bonuses. Barcelona offered him a job, but he declined. He wanted to be in control of the situation and have the final say.

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